Before you start:
– Select the legal form of the business (sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, Limited Liability Company, etc.)
– Apply for federal and state employer tax identification numbers if needed
– Obtain proper licenses for your business
– Apply for worker’s compensation and other insurance through private insurance carriers (In Georgia, worker’s compensation is required by law for three or more employees regardless of the number of hours worked by each employee)
– Register a trade name, if applicable
– Apply for: trade name registration, fictitious name registration, trademarks, copyrights, or patents necessary to protect your business
– Consult and hire qualified advisors for legal and tax related purposes, as needed
– Check whether there are any other steps necessary to legally be considered a business

After you start:
– Make estimated income tax payments
– File tax returns (both state and federal)
– Comply with all state and federal requirements for withholding and payment of payroll taxes
– Comply with all Georgia sales
– Pay local property taxes if needed
– As your business grows, check requirements needed for larger businesses (e.g. The Americans With Disabilities Act and Family Medical Leave Act)